Role Of Women Empowerment Essay

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Women empowerment Women empowerment has become a noticeable phenomenon after the Arab Spring and globalization in some countries. Women have been trying to have equal rights as men for a long time to avoid the oppression by the society they are living in. Lately in Jordan there have been organizations that are established to support women to close the gender gap found in workforce and helped to urge women into political leadership. Jordan is one of the Arab countries where Arab women were able to take actions immediately after women empowerment. Not to mention the great role model that Queen Rania has been to these women as she was an outspoken supporter to women’s rights and an advocate to other causes in the country. The steps women have…show more content…
However, it is still hard for women to avoid the society’s resistance in some aspects such as getting into political sector. Despite the fact the Arab culture has developed and became more open minded regarding the women’s participation in politics, the percentage is still low. This is the result of the Arab culture being more male dominated and due to some tribal beliefs regarding the women’s purpose in the society. Although a quota is debatable in some Arab countries, Jordan believes that is it a good way in increasing the women’s participation. “A quotas entail that women must constitute a certain number or percentage of the members of a body, whether it is a candidate list, a parliamentary assembly, a committee or a government” (Dahlerup, 2005). However, there are some cultural aspects that are imbedded into men that they are not able to rely on women this interferes with women’s election which in return limit their participation. As women get into the political sector their voices would be heard and they will be able to make some decisions that would be appreciated by the society. However, that may be difficult because men are dominating

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