Roles Of Women In The 1900's Essay

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Women’s role in society has altered drastically since the early 1900’s. From positions in the workforce, political voice, educational background, and sexual freedoms women’s place in society has dramatically changed in the past century. Women of the early 1900’s were very domestically oriented, very few worked outside the household. Women specialized almost entirely in cooking, cleaning, and caring for the home and children. Most income in households came from the men. In the 1920’s only about eighteen percent of women were involved in the workforce. This number spiked particularly in the 1920’s during World War II, as men departed for war their positions in the workforce were filled by women. The majority of these women held minor positions such…show more content…
With women leaving the home, joining the workforce, and receiving higher education in the 1900’s, many were determined to have a voice in government. Until 1920 women had no say in government. They could not make proposals, they could not run for office, and could not vote. These lack of rights sparked several women’s rights movements and by August of 1920 the constitution was amended and granted women the right to vote and participate in government. Despite the major advancement of women’s rights they still held little power in politics. Today’s government is still run by predominately males however there are a select few women who have broken the barrier and became very powerful such as Hilary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. In 2014 we have102 women in congress and 3 female Supreme Court justices. While women still do not dominate the American political system they do have a much greater presence than in prior decades. Many of today’s female celebrities are seen as sex icons and modesty is no longer the norm. From scandalous magazine covers to risqué movie scenes women’s sexuality is alive and public in America today. Sexual freedoms have skyrocketed since the early 1900’s. Decades ago it was

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