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In Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, the women in the story play a very influential role. Most female characters that participate in the story somehow impact the life and actions of a male. Elizabeth Lavenza, Caroline Frankenstein, and Justine Moritz are only few of the various women who impact the plot significantly. Events happen to the female characters for the sake of teaching a male a lesson or influencing the story in a way. Without these women in the story, Frankenstein would not be the story it is. Elizabeth Lavenza was a slight passive female character but still had an impact on the story. She was adopted from an Italian family into the Frankenstein family. Elizabeth was Victor’s joy as she married him and was his lifelong companion. However, she was victimized by Frankenstein’s view of her as a possession. Victor’s severe possessiveness was displayed when he said, “… I, with childish seriousness, interpreted…show more content…
The monster asked for a female companion but Victor refused because he recognized that the monster might parent another hideous monster. As a final point, Elizabeth plays a companion role in Victor’s life. Another female character to have an impact on the story is Justine Moritz. Justine is a clever and gentle servant who was adopted into the Frankenstein family. Justine was accused of a murder she did not commit, and simply accepted her fate by saying, "I do not fear to die, that pang is past. God raises my weakness and gives me courage to endure the worst. I leave a sad and bitter world; and if you remember me, and think of me as of one unjustly condemned, I am resigned to the fate awaiting me. Learn from me, dear lady, to submit in patience to the will of Heaven!"(Shelley, page 108). This behavior is another example of static women of this era. Women were easily discarded and mistreated just like Justine. She knew there was no way out of it simply because of lack of

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