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Ever since his youth, Father Donald Calloway had been a troubled child. He constantly committed sins of the flesh and broke the law along with his friends. Growing up, Calloway did not practice in any religion for his parents divorced because of his womanizing and alcoholic father. When his mother remarried a guy from the military, Calloway’s new stepfather introduced Christianity to the family which resulted to him and his brother getting baptized. Calloway and his family moved around a lot which constantly triggered him to rebel against his family and go back to drugs, alcohol, adultery, breaking the law and other sins. At one point he was forced to move to Japan with his family and then again he found a way to trouble his family in a new…show more content…
When Calloway returned to the United States, he then on went back to his old ways committing sins of the flesh. Then came a time when he finally moved back with his family in Virginia and noticed that his family was religiously practicing the Faith. Staying at home bored one night, he came across the book, The Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje, and reads the whole book out of curiosity. Shocked and overwhelmed, he ended up going straight to a catholic priest and just confessed everything in his life. He then on attended his first mass that day and was completely in love with the faith. After that, he changed his life completely and started living a life following the faith and God. Hearing about the story of Father Calloway, made me realize how merciful and forgiving our God is. No matter how far you stray away from the faith and finally decide to go back, God will always accept you and forgive you. Wanting to go back to God when you are lost…show more content…
Calloway said that he never saw what was coming for him when he first picked up that book in his parents house. This just shows how God’s timing is always perfect. The fact that on that night Calloway decides to stay at home for the first time in a while, is God’s doing so that he would have a chance for Subjective redemption. We must always trust in Him and His plans for us because we would never know what is best for us until God gives it to

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