Essay On Role Of Women In Kazakh Family

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Culture of particular country is a concept that changes over period of time depending on economic, structural and religious changes. One of the apparent cultural changes is relative status of women in Kazakhstani family. It would appear that the women around the whole world are distinguished as weak groups in society, which do not have the same opportunities and decision-making power as men. The gender stereotype that the female is always a housekeeper has engraved in people’s minds from the ancient times. This essay will argue that comparing to the Soviet era women’s role in the family has partially changed and led to some consequences that worsen Kazakh culture. Moreover, it outlines female’s life during the Soviet time followed by brief explanation of independent women nowadays in Kazakhstan. Eventually, it clarifies consequences, which are caused by growth in number of educated females, such as increased divorce risk and changes in family structure. Traditional nomadic Kazakh cultures recognized the important role that women played in ensuring the subsistence of the family, and women participated in many economic and social activities alongside men. Muslim women were not veiled and young men and women associated freely in many aspects of life, for example in horse racing or singing contests. Traditional songs and literature depicted women…show more content…
The pressure exerted upon men and women to fulfill both Soviet-era and traditional norms undermined both men’s and women’s well-being. In the private sphere, attitudes toward the role of women as mothers before all else have persisted. Women have been forced to absorb through unpaid labor the loss of many social services, such as child care and caring for sick family members as hospital services were cut, while having to continue to contribute to household income through the difficult economic

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