Roles Of Women In Ww2 Essay

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Women in World War II had a great contribute to the war and transformed the world completely. Women around the world were transformed from the average house wife into a person with a voice and most importantly a purpose. Many of the traditional women during the early 1940s disagreed with women joining the war and thought that they were ruining the image of a traditional housewife. Joan Cowey an Anti-aircraft battery, of the British Auxiliary Territorial Service said, "... But I don't think the army girls were ever very popular. I think most people thought we were loose women, just there to entertain the troops" (Saywell 1). Women in World War II had to face a lot of problems some of which include: Law & Policy, their Ability to Work, Sexual…show more content…
Women had felt that they deserved the same rights as men in the war and outside of the war. Rights that women should have equality too as men are the right to vote, fight, work, etc. should have been also allowed for women too. During the late 1930s when women were being chosen for entering the war, they would be given small jobs, for example motor repairs or jobs as nurses. Women weren't given much of the combat jobs, they were near combat, but weren't given or in much of the combat. During war most of the men were in war causing war factories to lack workers, women changed that, women were being hired to help work in war factories. On the website, under Women in World War II, America saw some of its highest production rates in history after bringing in women from their stay-at-home jobs. Women who worked in war proved that feminine skills could be particularly useful in underground work. They were good at distracting and deceiving the enemy, they had the ability to act, they could operate alone more easily than men and they had a strong instinct for danger - a "woman's intuition" - that usually proved trustworthy. Finally, the women who resisted possessed the fundamental quality shared by those of the opposite sex with whom they worked -

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