The Consequences Of Walter Mitty's Imaginity

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Walter Mitty’s imagination is amazing and most people do not realize that because he lives half of his life in another world, only coming back to reality to do his daily jobs. Although Mitty likes to see himself working normal jobs, he also portrays himself as the dominant, smart lead while doing so. However, these scenarios are not realistic as they are a notion. If you take his scenario when he is a doctor, he makes up names for illnesses. He also uses effortless solutions to complex problems. When “He pulled a faulty piston out of the machine and inserted the pen in its place” (Para 8), he uses everyday objects that would normally snap when put under that kind of pressure. He knows that a pen would not hold the machine and would make the…show more content…
When he is by the courthouse, he mummers under his breath “puppy biscuits” and is pulled out of his reality and back and "the buildings of Waterbury rose up out of the misty courtroom and surrounded him again" (Para 15). This goes to show that he has a grip on reality, but it’s not as strong as it might seem. Because Walter Mitty lets his imagination go wild, he becomes detached from his own life, just like we do as people of a stressful society.Not only Walter Mitty, but we as well like to take ourselves out of the real world and go somewhere only our minds can think of. We like to travel off into our own world where we will portray ourselves as the hero of the day or the President of the United States of America. Most of us seemed to have the same thoughts: what would our society be like if we did/didn’t do that said idea. People like to imagine that our society as Americans could be so different from one little thing changed. And the list of things to change is endless.…show more content…
This is where the author of Walter Mitty, James Thurber, becomes a useful asset.James Thurber has given us a clear message as to what our lives are like without us even realizing. He doesn't write his message down on paper but instead incorporates it into a piece of art that we can all relate to on our own. Walter Mitty is like our average Joe, gets up, and goes about his business. However, while he is out and about, he drifts off into his own world and hardly pays attention to the world around him. Our lives are the same way. We are distracted by the thoughts of our own minds and the technology we have around us. Because of this, we as a society make our world more dangerous than we want. Our thoughts and technology distracts us and causes our brains to focus on one thing and distracts us from using our senses for detecting danger. James Thurber puts that into a story that is more recognizable and understandable. Thurber uses Walter Mitty’s silly mistakes as a way to show that with an imagination we start to care less about the safety of others as well as ourselves. Thurber’s first example of this is when Walter Mitty is imagining that he is a world-famous doctor that is saving someone’s life. When he snaps back to reality, he almost hit a Buick in the parking garage, and everyone makes fun of him for it. This is the best example of how we put safety aside and only look out for our imagination. James Thurber wants us to have the knowledge that we can

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