Essay On Role Of Media In Society

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The Role OF Media In Society Media plays a significant role in our society today. It is all around us, from the films we watch on television, the music we listen to on the radio, to the books and magazines we read every day. Television achieves a myriad of different goals, ranging from entertainment to education. Various norms of education and entertainment are depicted on television. Without media, people in a society would be isolated not only from the rest of the world, but from the government, lawmakers and neighbouring towns and cities. Media has always played a important role in our society. For a long time, media has been one of the methods of controlling, people and leisure. The media, both print and broadcast, is expected to inform the mass audience, educate them entertain the people and to mobilize them towards desired goal .In the old days people received information through…show more content…
The Freedom of Expression guaranteed under the Fundamental Rights in our Constitution in Article 19(1)(a) remains an important facilitator for the widespread engagement within a demonstratic atmosphere. The first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru beautifully remarked, “I would rather have a completely free press, with all the dangers involved in the wrong use of that freedom, than a supressed or regulated press.” To realize the vision of Mr. Nehru, the media has been provided with many freedoms and immunities so that this fourth pillar of democracy stands tall and strong. However, what Lord Atkin relates with power is also well placed with the notion of liberty. Liberty does corrupt into licence and is prone to be abused. Every institution is liable to be abused and every liberty, if left unbridled, has the tendency to become a licence which would lead to disorder and anarchy. Therefore, it has to remembered that freedom of expression is not absolute, unlimited or
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