How Is Disney Movie Related To Sociology

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Madison Nunes October 8, 2014 Homework Essay #3 Sociology 110-03 Dr. Tomaskovic-Devey “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” Through the video and the reading we get to understand the notion that children are influenced by what they are exposed to. This exposure can vary from who they interact with on a day-to-day basis, who they interact with occasionally, and what they watch. Everything that children gather from their interactions they convert into an understanding on how they should act and what society and people are like. The video introduces the idea that the media aspect on how children understand their world, especially through Disney movies, gives them a false view on reality. In this essay I will discuss how children come to understand their world and how the things they are exposed to, especially the Disney movies as the video describes, can have a significant impact on how they come to view their world. I will also discuss how I think this has affected my view.…show more content…
They learn through their parents and families, friends, school, church, mass media, etc. In the video they talk about how the Disney movies portray stereotypical gender roles and views on different races. If children take these portrayals seriously then they grow up having a false sense on how people in society act and on how they should act. For example the video explains how Disney movies give females a sense of having to be seductive, have a certain body type, to rely on a man, and use their body to get what they want. Certainly this is not how we should teach our female children how to act when they grow

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