Charles Darwin's Theory Of Natural Selection

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Natural selection is known as the differential survival and reproduction of individuals, it is the key mechanism of evolution. The natural selection theory was Charles Darwin’s theory, he popularized the term and compared it to other artificial selection. The theory basically stated that people with certain variants of trait may survive and reproduce more than individuals with other, less successful variants; thus causing the population to evolve. He believed that the world was much older than people taught, and that over time creatures had slowly evolved and changed; including the human species. He published his theory of evolution in the book, The Origin of Species; in 1859. At first many people at the time rejected the theory, it was not something people easily welcomed into society; but it was accepted by science when Charles Darwin was given the go ahead to publish his theory in 1859. This made many people uncomfortable because it let them think out of the box, they had to think clearly about what was being said and they had to put to terms whether or not it was just make believe. This new theory affected society by stirring up new ideas and changing how people viewed Gods creation theory. Many people ranked as the ‘upper class’ found the theory of Charles Darwin as immoral and scary as it forced them to rethink their view of themselves as Gods creations.…show more content…
However, the process of natural selection is often very slow and can take place over thousands of years, thus showing that it is too slow to be documented during a researcher’s
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