Role Of Media In Politics

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RESEARCH ESSAY Name : Rajab Jumaris ID Number/Class : 016201400133/IRE 4 Subject : Political Science Lecturer : Natasya Kusumawardani RCTI, Metro TV and TV-One as Tools of Campaign in INDONESIAN Presidential Election Abstract Nowadays, media is the industry or enterprise of entertainment and news production. It functions are entertain, inform and accompany people from specification programs. There are so many sectors in media itself, which are Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Journal, Book, Board Advertisement, Internet (Social Media, Blog, Website etc) and so on. Media has been needed by people till now, without media, people difficult to find something that they need and even they want. By using media, people know about the worlds…show more content…
Especially for information, there is no limit that could people consume. Because of it functions, politicians explore it benefit to let people know them. Media and politics are in a tense relationship in a functioning democracy, despite their divergent missions. Politicians and political parties turn to the public to motivate their actions, to campaign their plans and ideas and to win people’s trust. Whereas media, they need to inform people about politics and to exercise control over politicians when the latter perform their duties. They need each other, and at the same time, they benefit from each other. But sometimes, if politicians could control media itself, they do something wrong by using it. Introduction Background In my research essay, I would like to elaborate the correlation between Politics and Media, especially when media inform people about politics and politician using media to campaign and introduce themselves in society. The correlation between…show more content…
By this journal, it is the way to compare between newspaper and television role as the media to unveil the information to consumers. And it proved if the television is the smart way that have a half of media consumers in Indonesia, and the information that presented in television is clear enough and more interesting way to interest people. Every big media event needs what journalists and flacks alike refer to as “the hook”. An ideal hook become the central element of a story that makes it newsworthy, evoke a strong emotional response and sticks in the memory. Just like I said before at the beginning in my research essay, media needs politics to be their data as product to their program that will inform to consumers and politician needs media as the bridge to introduce and unveil. And journalists role is take action to packing the news or information before it will published. The owner of Media Corporation has the ability to compete in political world in Indonesia. ………… News program or other presented by Television station could influence people think in

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