Essay On Media Representation And Globalization

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Critical Thinking – Assignment 1 Phoenix Falconer-Pincus 18749636 1) Media’s impact on society is vast and highly important. Along with globalization and the “shrinking” of the world, media has the power to control how we represent ourselves and different demographic. This may be both negative and positive, depending on said demographic. The below essay will mainly focus on how media controls and shapes society through the means of representation and globalization. Representation is a highly important and powerful element of the media. Individuals that identify with certain demographics look to the media to represent them in order to come to terms with their own identities and the identities of those around them. However, representation in the media acts both negatively and positively. The representation of gender is a good example on how negative representation can be detrimental to not only the ill-represented demographic, but individuals in other demographics. The…show more content…
The media and news from other countries, is not limited to said country. The 2016 American Election was a strong example of this, as everyone in the world was talking about Donald Trump being voted in as President Elect. Not only Americans were getting involved in the conversation, but people throughout the world were taking part in the dialogue. However, this also allows for the spread of Western ideals to become more prominent, and intrusive. AS the Western world controls the media, it allows for Western, neo-liberal ideologies to be displayed and advertised. The media plays a vital role in our society. Media plays into identities and how people view themselves and their place I society by means of representation, as well as being a core player in globalization. The media has immense power in our society, and plays a vital role in how we interact with ourselves, and one

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