How Does Rape Culture Affect Society

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What is rape culture and how does it impact real life rape cases? Rape culture is a culture where rape and other sexual violence is common and in which prevalent attitudes, norms, practices, and media condone, normalize, excuse or encourage sexualized violence. (Presentation). Rape cultures are built off of rape myths, which is a false a belief centered upon the commission of a rape or victimization, which (regardless of being false) is widely believed to be true. (Presentation). The fuel for rape myths to impact real life cases is the media, such as, television, movies, newspapers, and social media. Through out the essay, how media contributes to rape culture, the five common rape myths and how they are portrayed through media, and how the portrayals of the media impacts the outcomes of real rape/sexual assault cases. Rape culture is portrayed through the media by language that is prejudice against women, objectifying and dehumanizing both men and women bodies and body parts, portraying sexual violence in a way that it almost seems okay, sexualizing children, and portraying to society that the male is always the offender and the female is always weak and the victim. Media in society today plays a huge role…show more content…
Media has a way of explaining the rape myths in a sense that society goes numb to the severity of the case. Social media has grown numb to explicit content due to the excessive exposure that when sexual assault or rape does occur society takes it lightly than they should. Media also portrays a stereotypical roles toward women on how they should dress, behave, and what their lifestyle should be compared to men. For example women are blamed for their rape because of how they are dress and are said, “to have been asking for

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