Gender Equality In Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

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Gender equality has always been an issue in society in any (every )time period. The world has come to an understanding that the two genders, male and female, are equal. Chivalry and years of rebellion have made that rule stand. ( If the world has come to this understanding, then why have you written this essay? This sentence is contradicting your next points ) Women have been created no less than men, and men are not greater than women. Unfortunately, not everyone believes that. In their thoughts at night, they believe that men are “better” than females. Those thoughts are being made into reality everyday. Women are shunned away from unlocking their potential because of their gender. Always put in a degrading light and considered less than…show more content…
In the chapter, The Bean Trees, Lou Ann went to a job interview after settling in with Taylor. Instead of the interviewer focusing on her abilities as a worker, he decides to openly ogle at her. Her name did not even registered in his mind, she was just “sweetheart”. Disgusted with the fact that the man didn’t even acknowledge her, Lou Ann left. “80 years of fighting and rebelling during the Women’s Rights Movement, women have finally gained the rights to get an education, a job, own land, or to vote,” (The Women’s Rights Movement). Women persevered and fought for rights that should have been already given to them, not been fought for, and yet many years later, this inequality still exists. Females are now able to get a job and work alongside men, but they are not equal, position-wise and payment-wise. “‘Women represent 45.9 percent of the workforce yet only 3.5 percent of CEOs are women. . .’” (Women and Leadership). There is only a 10 percent difference between male and female employment, yet a huge 97 percent between who actually gets to become the “top dog”. Yes, women can work and be in the same workforce as men, but they aren’t allowed to break through the systemic challenges that prevent them from being a leader. Challenges that aren’t given to

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