The Impact Of Andy Kaufman's Man On The Moon

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Man on the Moon is a movie showing the late Andy Kaufman’s life starred by Jim Carrey. The movie was directed by Milos Forman and wrote by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszweski. It was released on december 22 1999. It has the length of 1 hour and 58 minutes. It can be categorised as drama comedy and biography. Other than Jim Carrey there are a few other casts that play including Courtney love, Danny Devito, and much more. The aim of this movie is to create a remembrance for Andy Kaufman in a form of a movie. It is to retell the late life of the stand up comedian legend. the movie also show Andy Kaufman’s perspective about media industry. It is also to show people how big of an impact media can cause society. Andy Kaufman influences people’s…show more content…
Andy Kaufman succeeded influencing people’s mind from his performance and influence people’s mind through media, which is television. The American accepted Andy Kaufman’s sense of humour at first, until it got too far and annoying. But as much as they hated Andy Kaufman’s sense of humour they can;t stop watching and paying attention to Andy Kaufman. Media corporation refused to cooperate withe Andy Kaufman’s way of exposing negativity of media. Because he is exposing the bad side of media to society which made media industries mad and upset such as NBC. In Indonesia people prefer soap opera better. Even though soap opera doesn’t show good morals rather than spreading un-educational one and make people more shallow minded, those are the kinds of entertainment Indonesian people seek. People became shallow minded as the media show unrealistic representation of society from the soap operas. Indonesian medias doesn’t care about how audience are effected by their products, but they only care about their profit. Indonesian soap opera is very un-educating and its very upsetting how there is no age boundaries for audience to watch. A sociological theory that can be used in this essay topic is the Marxist conflict theory where there is one dominant side or one ruling side that holds ownership. And because of that a perspective is spread and make people rejects other alternative idea. Another theory that also relate to this topic is post modern theory by Marshall McLuhan; the medium message. A media affects the society which it plays certain role not only by whats delivered by the media, but also the characteristic of the media it

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