Morality In Huck Finn

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Huckleberry Finn’s morality is like a collage; there are many contributors to his morality, but without them he would be a different person. Huckleberry Finn is the main character of the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain in which Huck and an escaped slave named Jim float down the Mississippi River in search of freedom and adventure. While on their trip they embark on unseen danger and face many challenging decisions. Huckleberry Finn has a unique personality that stems from the people that raised him such as Pap, the Widow, and Mrs. Watson. These characters work in combination to mold and form Huck’s moral ground.. Pap plays an immense role in forming Huck Finn’s morality and his decision making process. To begin with,…show more content…
This has a major effect on Huck, as one could infer. Huck recognises the cruelty that his father shows to him and he wants to reject this type of behavior because he does not want to turn out like his father. When Pap tells Huck that he does not want to see him going to school, Huck decides to go anyways simply because Pap does not want him there. Huck says, "I didn't want to go to school much, before, but I reckoned I'd go now to spite pap" (Twain 23). Pap also teaches Huck that it is not harmful to steal stuff, but the widow says that it is a kind of low down thing to do to somebody (Twain 65). Huck states that,“Pap always said it warn't no harm to borrow things, if you was meaning to pay them back, sometime; but the widow said it warn't anything but a soft name for stealing, and no decent body would do it” (Twain 65). Huck carries this value from Pap with him throughout the story. We see this when he is in need of supplies to carry on and he steals them from any local place. This is ironic because Pap taught Huck that stealing was ok, but when Huck decided to run away from him he stole many of Pap’s supplies and belongings. Pap’s influence on Huck is also demonstrated when Huck does not let on to knowing that the Duke and Dauphin
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