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Introduction To begin with, even though public transportation is considered to be fairly recent, it actually exists for several years. Since the ferryman’s job was to transport people from one shore to another (e.g. in Greek mythology Charon was the ferryman of Hades) [1], is a proof of public transportation existence. Furthermore, stagecoaches and carriages began to emerge and became a well known fact in the 17th century, delivering mails and transporting passengers between towns. [2] In 1826 though, the first organized public transit system was created as Nantes in France had the first omnibus travelling on a fixed route. [2] [3] Nowadays, public transport is one of the most significant parts in a country for millions of people who travel in every way, every day. It is also by far the most environmentally friendly way to get around. Although it might be uncomfortable sometimes…show more content…
In the case of a failure to provide quality, people will try to find alternatives in order to overcome any obstacles. “People tend to be much more forgiving when they feel the problem is beyond the control of the agency or government” Carrel said. [28] For example, when buses stuck in traffic, since everybody stuck in it. [28] In fact, people are willing to wait approximately 10.2 minutes, on average, before they consider it as a long wait. In addition, many people are afraid of using public transport because it is inconvenient for them. [30] Public transportation vehicles usually run on strict schedules, which not always coincide with a person's schedule. [29] [28] Furthermore, there is another factor that generally makes cautious any person who is using public transport. That is crime which is a scary experience. [30] According to BBC, crime on London's night buses has gone up by almost 50% in two years. The researchers also found that comfort is the least important factor as long as the public transportation vehicle leaves and arrives on time.

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