Comparing Different Characters In 'The Chaser's Eleven'

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In “The Chaser” and in “Eleven”, the reader can observe two different characters, that face a problem which they want to resolve. Both characters share some qualities: they are young and not yet mature. These qualities shape their reactions and the way they act toward the plot in each story. In “The Chaser” John Collier presents Alan's love for Diana and his desire to use shady means to find her. While in “Eleven” Sandra Cisneros presents Rachel's experience on a special day - her eleventh birthday. Both stories, share similarity within the struggle to achieve their desires under the effect of external factors. Yet these two stories appear to be different in several aspects, considering the backgrounds in which each story was written…show more content…
Rachel responds in three sentence fragments. Mrs. Price represents the one who makes the rules, and Rachel the one who obeys. Mrs. Price demands that Rachel put on the sweater and Rachel obeys. And she acts insensitively towards Rachel thus, she does not notice or care that Rachel is upset. Rachel escapes into her imagination to the image of the home, a rich emotional arena, to comfort herself from this harsh situation. In addition, Mrs. Price does not think about why Rachel would tell her the sweater does not belong to her, and she does not apologize for her mistake: “only Mrs. Price pretends like everything's okay.” Finally, “The Chaser” is told from a third-person objective point of view, omniscient narrator. It is a fantasy story written by a male writer, John Collier. Besides, one can observe that this short story implies the true nature of love. Love is natural it cannot be forced. In the story, the idea of love is deceiving. Love is natural, but Alan uses force and tricks to make Diana fall in love with him. But soon Alan will decide to get rid of this centered love, because obsession is not love and it will not

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