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Climate Change on Account of Urban Sprawl and its Environmental Costs and GHG Emissions Introduction Today, population growth has never been increasing so rapidly. Hence, there has been a continuous urban population agglomeration growth. Particularly in the Global South, many researchers have been projecting the world's total urban population would double by 2050. Consequently, challenges arise as urban growth increases. It is important to consider many aspects such as air and water pollution, providing adequate services and transportation. However, this also cause augmentation of urban sprawls in which this type of urban living has environment costs due to greenhouse gas (GHG) effects that has an impact into climate change. Climate change…show more content…
Back in the old days, the city core was becoming too dense, vulnerable to pollution, and unhealthy environment, people decided to move out from the city in order to live in a spacious area, cleaner surroundings, public spaces like parks and, preciously, privacy. Suburbs are likely identical to cities in contexts of land use, density and social composition. It is a residential urban area, but less density in terms of population number. Also, the used expression "sprawl" is a synonym to suburbs. This term is used to describe a low-density development, and a non-centred population and economic zone. Hence, the density in the urban core declined. In the 20th century, it was the beginning of the suburban trend. Many working class could afford to live further with their families, as income was rising, transportations were marking huge improvements as well as technology. Although many have joined the suburban lifestyle, retails and service activities have also established their place to have an easier access for essentials need of the population in that area. Despite all the aspects mentioned, urban sprawls have environmental consequences that influences climate change (Harris, & Keil,

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