Importance Of Accessibility In Travel Behaviour

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In-City Accessibility and Travel Behavior Introduction The energy used for transportation per person for working and non-working services is important to track sustainability of a town. Transportation places key role for land use planning and to reduce greenhouse gas emission and effective energy use. The essay talks about the internal connectivity/ accessibility to various services by different age grouped people with respect to gender. The “Planning Policy Guidance 13: Transport (Departments of the Environment and Transportation, 1994)” supports integration of housing and service provisions for neighborhood planning to introduce travel methods to generate sustainable and environment friendly solutions. Understanding travel behavior and…show more content…
From literature study it’s usually understood that energy efficacy in terms of transportation is reflected in compact cities rather than satellite cities. However, the transportation inside the city plays major role in measuring energy usage. Many authors in different researches noticed continuous decrease in the accessibility for services with the growing population, which is a cause for numerous long car journeys. Apart from accessibility to services, travel behavior depends on the job, age and gender of a person. For example, as per a study; young women like to walk to local facilities, where as some facilities like post office, chemist are always visited despite of distance. On the other hand playground, parks etc. are only visited if are located nearby. The areas of public interest or daily use are often has no relation with placement, the travel behavior is always same despite of the…show more content…
Legislation places considerable role to change travel behavior at some places. The foot journey recorded high till secondary school and public houses. Considering the fact as secondary education is the major priority of parents, the trips whether long or short (by car) cannot be rescheduled. Although foot travel to secondary school is recommended. The owner of one car usually travel by car to different facilities, whereas owner of more than one car rarely walk even to local facilities. The research results indicates that women prefer to walk to local facilities, although men tends to travel more. The journeys by cars tends to be the longer once, and trips by adults were also recorded as long. The travel behavior changes for working or studying people. Researchers concludes with the research that facilities placement can reduce trip

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