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Study in Jatinangor, Why Not? The new academic year is coming soon. The third grade students of high schools begin to search for the best university they want. If you are a third grade student of high school, you have to consider several things in choosing a university. You do not only have to know about the quality of the university, but also the region of the university. The region where the university is located also gives some influence to you. Jatinangor, as a small nice region in Sumedang, can be a good place to continue your study. In this essay, I will explain about several reasons that make the third grade students of high schools have to continue their study in Jatinangor. I will narrow my explanation into three reasons because I think those are the main reasons. The first reason that I will discuss is the strategic location of Jatinangor. Jatinangor is located in Sumedang, West Java. It is located near Cileunyi Freeway. It makes Jatinangor accessible although Jatinangor is a small region. It takes about three hours from Jakarta, one and half…show more content…
It is about the universities in Jatinangor. Several universities in Jatinangor are UNPAD, IPDN, and IKOPIN. There was also UNWIM, but ITB has replaced it. UNPAD is one of the best and most favorite state universities in Indonesia. The tuition fee is affordable. Many students from Malaysia and India also come to study in UNPAD. The next is IPDN. IPDN is a government institution. It is the place where the candidates of local governments from every province in Indonesia learn how to manage domestic government. The other institution is IKOPIN. IKOPIN is an institution where you can learn how to manage cooperatives. It is located next to IPDN. The last is ITB. ITB is also one of the best universities in Indonesia. Many great people came from ITB, for example B.J. Habibie. ITB has not moved yet to Jatinangor, but soon several majors are going to be located in

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