Public Transportation Compare And Contrast Essay

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• “Compare and Contrast.” o For this prompt, find an aspect while abroad to compare to home in the US. Public transportation is and will always be a terrifying experience for me. Having been diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder, I have never understood the concept of interacting with strangers—nonetheless trusting one with my life. Coupled with the recent rise of Uber-related incidents… I would rather stay home. However, I found myself in a situation where I could not avoid public transportation. While in Rome on the day of the Opera Dinner Show, we were fed a lunch that, suffice it to say, did not sit well with me. I have had problems with seemingly benign food in the past, but never while I was away from home. Within twenty minutes of leaving the restaurant I decided that I needed to return to the hotel. This necessitated a taxi ride, as the hotel was too far to walk on a good day, nevertheless the day I was having. Having never taken a taxi before, my experience with taxis have been through television—high prices, slow-going, always stuck in traffic to squeeze as much money out of the rider as possible. This view was shaken by my experience in Rome. After Chris found an available cab and…show more content…
Having focused most all of my major assignments on the ancient city and the catastrophe that ended its existence, I had an image in my mind for what Pompeii must be. Though simply googling images of the historic site could have easily remedied this, I did not want to ruin my first view of Pompeii by wasting it on a picture. That being said, I think that, looking back, my mind expected a town more like Athens than what was there. All my research could have never fully prepared me for the size of the buildings or the emptiness that crept along the streets. Even without most of the roofing, Pompeii felt small—similar to the castles and cottages of Old Ireland—and not as much like the party-town it was made out to

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