Case Study: The Destined Kitchen Warrior

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The Destined Kitchen Warrior: An Interview with Mr. Redentor Ylagan Agustin Redentor Ylagan Agustin, 43 years old, is one of the greatest and successful chefs. He was supposed to be taking up an Architectural course but suddenly he felt a bit short on passing the entrance examination about it and accidentally intended to try and take up Hotel and Restaurant Management course in the University of Santo Tomas because the next building next to it is HRM beside the architecture course building of UST. He would say it is one of the best decisions he ever made (taking up HRM and becoming a chef). Honestly, he first really did not know about cooking in college but indeed he did enjoy it and yet he also did not expect this to happen but then he thinks…show more content…
Although, even after all the roller coaster and obstacles in his life, he became a member of many alliances or organizations in the fields of cooking industry and taught us some of these every single highlighted words to remember. Before we end, he told us this inspirational thought to us, “You have to do well in school. You have to be an above average student, whatever training you get from the school, whatever course, because in school you can still fail. In life is all about failures and you learn from them. You have to sacrifice a lot for you to get ahead of everyone else. Before a couple years ago, when I always ask why do you want to become a chef because it is my passion. Now, it is not only passion but also have to be skillful and desire. Desire is very different factor; passion is just like a fact, you are passionate about Jordan’s. The desire is you really want that Jordan’s and you are eager to have it. If it keeps on burning meaning to day you are overexciting for the desire, the passion fades. It is not only about passion but it is also about desire.” He also added this, “Don’t be afraid to fail but learn from your mistakes because that how life is, it will give you a lesson no matter

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