The Three Forms Of Globalization

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No wonder that we live in global village nowadays, due to the revolution in information system and communication technology. In every academic and political debate uses the term “globalization” which become one of the most fashionable buzzword, the term itself has no precise definition as it sum up of the world-wide interconnectedness in culture, financial, political, educational and environmental. It could be described as moving beyond borders of domestic and international markets to global market, whereby free transfer of capital, labor, goods and service. Proponents of this point of view claims that free markets engrave a go-to-get enterprise culture, ensuring liberty and economic prosperity. (Tidings P. Ndhlovu, (2012),"Globalization: a…show more content…
To execute such idea it needed security and safeguard “UK” who provided securitization in Euromarkets. Globalization came in many forms three of the primarily forms are political, cultural and economical. The economic globalization is superiorly an economic process whereby involving transferring economic resources from one country to another. There no national economy isolated or closed on itself as it used to be. The advanced nation sells its products to countries that demand them and enter their markets. Likewise in natural resources of developed countries are sold either advanced or developed countries that need them. The country that is rich in capital invests and influences the poor ones. Culture globalization, culture itself became a product. It was encouraged by the revolution of information and telecommunication, due to the spread-of satellites, internet and media, for example famous books and films have international markets. As a result the flow of universal ideas, values and knowledge may flatten out culture diversity and differences between people and…show more content…
The shares in country banking system of banks with a sizable foreign position have grown huge. Never-less moving away from the evolving form system with essential cross-border with both cross-border transactions and more international diversified ownership banks is the form of banking globalization. This opened the door to other types of international transactions which have been growing to the length whereby parent banks can locate their branches and subsidiaries in other countries. (Linda S. Goldberg. (2009). Understanding Banking Sector Globalization, IMF Staff Papers, Vol. 56, No. 1, Frontiers of Research on Financial Globalization (2009), pp.

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