Occupational Therapy Career Essay

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My personal essay about Occupational Therapy will cover my understanding of the job, related experience I have encountered, the characteristics I possess to be successful and why I am pursing Occupational Therapist as a career. The understanding I have of an Occupational Therapist is when patients are experiencing physical, mental, or development difficulties were an Occupational therapist creates treatment plans for each individual’s needs. The Occupational Therapist Assistant carries out the treatment plans that were developed by an OT. Treatment plans are created to improve patient’s day to day activities. I have a good deal of experience with individuals with limited physical, mental, emotional and social abilities from my current occupation as a caregiver. One physical limitation a current client of mine has is repetitive stereotypic hand movement and sensory integration. A treatment we use for this individual is sensory therapressure brush and theraputty. One mental limitation for a current client is learning how and the importance of personal hygiene. In our daily activity we do hand over hand guidance for brushing teeth, combing hair and washing body for memory and routine. One emotional limitation a current client is working controlling and expressing their feelings appropriately. We…show more content…
When I am given a task I take the responsibility very serious to be completed to the best of my ability in a timely manner, with never giving up. I have great communicating skills by being able to express how I feel and think in a professional manner while most importantly listening to others carefully. Having empathy is a great way to connect to clients and for them to know you truly care. Being self-determination, communicating affectively and being empathetic has made me a well-rounded caregiver with professional relationships with my

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