Five Theories Of Motivation In Scientific Management

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System map is an optical description of the service technical organization. System map is a elpful style for evaluating and planning efforts. System application might try to change or improve the way for the organization part, build a concerted relationship or network, or alteration the framework or situation in the social alteration occurs. The different size of the main idea and for the details helps the reader to understand the map, and identify the environment and the boundary. Map System is used for business, cities and communication, industry, and policy. For example, in business it helps you to know costs and results for the products. In cites and communication, it helps you to take the best solution to improve local problems, save money,…show more content…
Motivation can happen by four approaches and each approach has more than one theory. First of all people are rational-economic being, people are passive, people know where their self-interest lie and always act to maximize their self-interest, the value of anything is its usefulness called utility, punishment to persuade him to achieve organizations goals, Theory X is close to the idea of scientific management. People are social being; people are motivated by their social needs, control. The self- actualization person Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, human needs could be assembled into hierarchy with five broad categories, the most basic needs has to be satisfied first before going to next will be less important except self-actualization. Motivation factors will make the work…show more content…
Active listening is actively tries to understand the facts and feeling in what is said, and tries to by paying attention to help the speaker work out his own problem. Way of approaching the problem that arise out and usual daily facts. The employee or the listener should flow active listening skills, in another words what to do, what to do to be affective, and what to avoid. First, “what to do?” listen to total meaning by understand all the facts feeling to help the speaker to work on his problem through paying attention to him, respond to feeling, and don’t hesitate because the feeling is very important, note all cues for example eye content, sign, breathing, hand moves and body language, feedback in your own words. Second, “what to do to be effective?” the listener should be interested in the problem and issue, because the speaker is human being. If he saw the listener is interested and respecting him which may be the content of the communication, and what we achieve by listening like people attitude towards themselves and others, their personal philosophy and basic value, people listened become more democratic, fair enough, less argumentative and more ready to incorporate with others perspective and views by sharing different views. The last thing is, “what to avoid?” the

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