Swot Analysis Of Margin Call

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PLOT When an analyst unfolds information that could destroy them in a well established financial company happens to be heading into bankruptcy Low entry employees Seth Bregman (Penn Badgley) and Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto) and senior trader Will Emerson (Paul Bettany) watch as a human resources squad conducts mass layoffs on their trading floor. Retrenched employee Eric Dale (Stanley Tucci), who worked in the risk management department. Before he left, Mr Dale gives Peter a USB drive with a task he had been working on, Peter is told to "be careful." The same night, Peter completes the task at hand, and realises that the historical volatility levels will be exceeded soon used by the firm to calculate trading risk, due to the overleverage,…show more content…
FINANCIAL COPMANY The business in the film Margin Call is an investment bank company located in the U.S (United States) Wall Street which enables investors or people with large amounts of money the opportunity to purchase an receive stocks , business and assets while the actual investment firm generates it’s income from the companies sold and a percentage (%) of commission The share holders would benefit from this because if the net profit is good high profitable amount they will receive a high % of Return on Investment (ROI) and because stocks (securities or shares) are a greater risk of investment opportunities (equities) in terms of asset class with will be discussed further this project. ETHICS The turn around strategy implemented to eliminate this issue that has arisen is the corporate strategy this strategy a business undergoes in tough times to try gain some advantage once again or simply put the business back where it was before it went into difficult times or even a better result in depth the decline strategy tool which involves looks at selling a portion of the business that’s failing to grow the other this prevents a liquidation…show more content…
CONFLICT The Smoothing conflict tool was used this will only a temporary way to solve a conflict situation as differences are not looked at and the main focus is placed on the common / mutual ground business shares. The conflicted situation is ‘smoothed over’ but if it’s a complicated and concerning issue it may happen that the situation may re-arise or make the issue far worse than it already is due to finding a short-term solution used to try solve the issue in an impulsive way. ASSET CLASS EQUITIES High risk An Investment in stocks mean the investor has part-ownership in the company thus stocks that have been bought the owner or those stocks become shareholders. Most companies have been listed on the on as stock exchange which mean that stock can be traded freely on these system e.g. the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) . These are bought on the JSE by previous shareholders therefore the money goes to the person selling the stocks BONDS Moderate

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