Hotel Industry Case Study

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3.0 Opportunity challenges -unskilled casual employees and permanent full-time employees In hotel industry,employees cost plays an imporant role. There are two major kinds of employees included in this industy: unskilled casual employees and permanent full-time employees. Acorrding to the date provided. obviously, the precentage of unskilled casual employees is over than permanent full-time employees(approximately 30%). This phenomenon might become a problem which can influence profits of hotel. On the other hand, we can see many potential isuues in bothof them. For the unskilled casual employees, quality of receipes, healthy issues, unstable work schedule might become a factor which could impact the quality of hotel service. Meanwhile, high…show more content…
3.1.1 Didn’t have accurate recipes.  Hard to control the quality, quantity and might not be efficiency In today’s society, a large number of people are hired in the kichen of hotel(65%), but only a small number of people trained before working. Because they don’t want to spend time and money on training themself. Whatever, it might cause many problems for the receipes. Usually, unskilled employees haven’t enough knowledge of how to contorl the quality and quantity, so working efficiency is difficult for them; it will effect the satisfied of customer, thereby reducing the profits. 3.1.2 Potential problems  Didn’t have restrict background check The level of standard of unskilled hired is very low, sometimes it means they can be hired easily without a great…show more content…
However, it would increase the cost of hotel industy. (reference:  Equipment maintenance During training and practise performance process, equipment maintenance is a common problem might happened in workplace, thus, the maintenance cost is inevitable. 3.2.3 Legal framework  Staff discipline and dismissal In some hotels, normally the full-time employees would sigh a contract with hotel when they will be hired, and organising the staff becomes a visal performmance in manage formal employees. In this way, it would lead to some problems, for example, employees may not satisfied with some rules. At the same time, if they want to terminate the employment contract, they may be required to pay for

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