Essay On Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

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At home, at school, at work. Anywhere you look, people are on their cell phones. Making phone calls, checking texts, and of course posting nonsense on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media apps. Many people have their phones in their pockets all day long and cannot go for more than half an hour without checking it. The average American checks his or her phone 74 times per day! (Rolfo). Even when going to bed, most people have their cell phones within reach. Little do they know that they are being exposed to radiation every second of the day when these devices are around. Some say that they simply don’t care, that is until they get brain tumors and diseases such as cancer, parathyroid adenoma, and a handful of others. Not only is it cell phones, but laptops, routers, television sets, smart…show more content…
Without knowing it, kids are being radiated by their cell phones all day long, this exposure to radiation may lead to fatal long-term consequences. One of the scariest thoughts is that once a child starts using a cell phone, there is little or no chance of them stopping; their body will continue to absorb this radiation for their entire lives. Cell phones continually send out signals for internet connection, location, Bluetooth and other information while people think that it is harmlessly settled in their pockets. The signals then get absorbed into the body and trigger diseases. A study done by the NTP found that “cell phone exposure increases the incidence of malignant gliomas of the brain, i.e., brain cancer, and schwannomas” (Portier). Research makes it clear that the cell phones do not only emit the type of radiation which cause cancer, but also increase the risk for it. Because of this fact, parents should keep cell phones away from kids until their bodies are old enough to better cope with the radiation given off by cell

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