Using Cellphones In School Essay

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It is often said that students who use their cell phones in the classroom are lazy, cheaters, or simply just do not care. Numerous people automatically assume that cell phone use in the classroom has no positive outcome for students, and they do not think about how it could end up benefiting them. Although students choose to make poor choices in terms of cheating with their devices, if used properly, cellphones can be advantageous to students in excelling within the classroom. Students have the advantage right at their fingertips to be able to excel in the classroom, whether it be learning a concept more in depth, or finding more resources for a research paper. According to Obringer and Coffey, nationally, teachers and faculty have taken it upon themselves to ban phones in class (qtd by Brad Maguth 2013). Teachers automatically think students use their cellphones to cheat in class, so the simple solution is to ban them, but, then there is the problem of students trying to sneak around with their cellphones to use them. There are students who do take advantage of having the technology at their hands. On the contrary, there are…show more content…
In the article “Extensive Listening Practice and Input Enhancement Using Mobile Phones: Encouraging Out-of-Class Learning with Mobile Phones,” a study showed that cell phones can help with practicing extensive listening (Reinders, Min Young 2010). This helps in terms of listening to a teacher during a lecture in a class or listening to someone reading a book aloud. Extensive listening is an important skill to take along in class and the outside world, and helps with being able to comprehend a subject matter or reading faster and more efficiently. These devices can not only help students with skills, it can aid in enhancing their work they are doing within the

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