The Importance Of Cheating In High School And College

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Cheating is becoming prevalent in High School and Colleges. When students struggle to understand their lessons and academics, they struggle with an ethical dilemma and may resort to academic dishonesty. However, cheating in high school and colleges harms the future of the society because students do not learn necessary morals and demonstrate a lack of respect for the growth of future generations. Technology further complicates the problem by making it easy for students to be dishonest. Student ethics in the digital age are declining as we have more access to tools which allow for cheating, and fewer repercussions for cheating. Students in high school and college should not feel the desire to cheat and they will not if they instead care more about learning than grades. Motivating students to have moral awareness requires compassionate and involved teaching and accountability for everyone in…show more content…
“High schools today promote competitive, self-destructive, and hostile behavior” (Raskin 25). Since students are exposed to these negative influences, they are prone to cheat in order to succeed. As a result of all the dishonest factors around the students, more and more ways of cheating are formed. Students also cheat because they do not want to learn and also because of the influence of friends who are cutting class instead of going to class. For instance, “Every study over the decades has concluded that cheating at American colleges and universities is rampant. Dishonesty, indigenous to almost every campus, flourishes” (Kolker 23). Studies showed that the vast majority of college cheaters started cheating in high school, so the overall incidence of cheating has been high, and remains extremely high. Therefore, students desperate for a passing grade turn to cheating because they cannot feel the real education and learning that they want in their

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