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The pursuit of knowledge is certainly an enquiry into understanding the depth of any information. Knowledge is familiarity or experience gained through study of a particular subject. Knowledge can be of two types practical and theoretical, hence this brings forth the question of applying the knowledge that we have accumulated. Application though objectively could mean putting to use, subjectively, it could either mean in a real life situation physically or mentally. At times application of knowledge can be detrimental in the value that the knowledge possesses. The definition of value is subjective and thus can be looked at from various perspectives. The title claims that the application of knowledge in the real world would increase its…show more content…
In biology DNA stores genetic information and this is passed on to offspring via sexual reproduction. This capability of the mind to reason was what aided Isaac Newton to investigate why the apple fell on his head and did not fly into the sky? The knowledge he acquired was application based and is put to use practically till date. Its application can be found in the way geologists and physicists understand how the earth rotates. Its scientific application can be found in space travel mechanisms. Research deems the application of the law of gravity. This knowledge is application based as it proves how important it is to apply knowledge in order to deem it of great value. It is helping the human population as now Earth 2 has been discovered with the help of the spaceships which have made space travel possible. Also infinite possibilities are now achievable with such scientific advancement and these could lead to betterment of human kind. Putting it into perspective would help evaluate the value this knowledge possesses, socio-economically this knowledge could aid further space research. In human sciences such as psychology, psychologists’ use MRI’s that can localize the damage in the brain and support better diagnosis which is accurate. Such application of knowledge which is for the betterment of humankind has a lot of significance as its application is deeming its

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