Why Is Technology Friend Or Foe

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Emanuel Gonzalez 9/16/16 Technology: Friend or Foe? When I was growing up, waiting at the bus stop was a very enjoyable experience. We would laugh, share jokes, play games. We created bonds that I still cherish today. I would look forward to every morning for this reason alone. I never realized how simply talking to one another could bring such joy. Then the teenage years came along. The eagerness to wake up those early mornings had vanished. The joy of laughter was sucked completely out. Why? The answer is the cell phone. This created a whole different environment. Rather than being joyous, exuberating fun, it was silent. No emotion being shown. No relationships being created. This advancement of technology is posing a difficult predicament in the world today. Is this newly found tool bringing us closer or further apart? This is a controversial issue that is causing a debate worldwide. In Sherry Turkle’s “Always…show more content…
For years we prospered as a nation by innovating, creating, being productive, but now it has come to a halt. People would rather spend time on their phones than go out and accomplish something. That boy at the bus stop still lives inside me. I seek for others to interact with but I am ignored by those looking down to their phone. The urge to get lost in the world of technology is unavoidable. It is finding a balance that will determine one’s success. Building discipline and structure will do nothing but benefit one’s life. This topic, of technology setting us back, came into play while writing this essay. My phone was constantly vibrating, waiting for a response. There were times where I gave in looked at phone. On one instance I got completely lost and ended up watching YouTube videos. The only way I achieved writing this essay was by locking my phone away; keeping it out of reach. This distraction set me back hours. Undoubtedly, technology is setting us back

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