Jean M. Twenge Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation

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If you know your smartphone enough, you may know that you can actually see how many hours a day you spend on a certain app.If you where to look at your history right now, would you believe that your smartphone has a negative effect on your life? Jean M. Twenge’s essay, “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” gives multiple reasons why smartphones cause negative effects on teen lives: behavior, communication with parents, depression, less sleep, cyberbullying, and suicide. Twenge proves the negative effects through personal interviews with young teens, studies showing the changes in dating, mental health, and the amount of hours you sleep at night. Twenge opens her essay about smartphones with a narrative--a conversation she’s had with a 13-year-old girl that has owned a smartphone for two years. Throughout her essay she gets most of…show more content…
The author is using a concession in this section of her essay, because smartphones are the reason this data is decreasing--which is a good thing.-- Twenge then says “only about 56 percent of high-school seniors in 2015 went out on dates; for Boomers and Gen Xers, the number was about 85 percent.” (3) She is saying that the use of smartphones have reduced the amount of couples that go on dates. Teens go through the “talking” phase. Texting for a couple weeks, flirting, trying to figure each other out over the phone. Because the rate of dating is going down, there is also a decline in sexual activity. “The drop is the sharpest for ninth-graders, among whom the number of sexually active teens has been cut by almost 40 percent since 1991” (3) And that has also decreased the teen birth rate, down 61 percent since 1991. By using a concession, she gives a reason why teens using smartphones are a good thing. Going against her whole essay topic on why smartphones are destroying

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