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My last visit to school with you, for the first time I am taking a friend of mine to school. In this you were also my teacher from APU was great. But it seemed like nothing was particular new to you, I felt you were comfortable and happy to be away from your work space particularly. I was a bit sad seeing how you were at CfL that you were just not able to leave what happened or is happening at APU…yeah this happens to everybody. I completely understand how you are feeling but keep wondering whether I am being helpful or what I can do to make things better for you. You know this, I attach a lot of meaning to my visits to school more to me than other events that happens around me.The morning before you came I was asking myself to reflect a little…show more content…
Definitely better than the first semester.At times things have been quite emotionally demanding and tiring. The thing that has always bothered me the most is strong groupism among us, students and these groups are based on economic status or language based. I always had a sense it was there but the intensity of it is surprising to me now. I have come to terms with the fact that I enjoy academics, more than I had previously realized. And have had time to re-evaluate my perceptions of ‘adults’ and ‘children’, which has been quite interesting. As of yet, the second semester has made me a little less apprehensive about things, feel less anxious about being helpless in college. Hopefully, this stays in the coming years and otherwise as well. I suppose I should not be too quick to judge. But I feel my conversations with my peers are superficial. You know when I speak about CfL or Sahyadri to people it seems like I am boasting about it and saying it is the ideal school. My classmates, if I judge them on the basis of one year some of them are nuts, full of themselves and their achievements. Somewhere I feel they don’t get me. I don’t feel really close to anybody

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