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Reflections on Doing Nothing Is Something The excessive busyness that has gradually overtaken the American family is the subject of Ann Quindlen’s Essay, “Doing Nothing is Something.” Quindlen (a best selling author and Pulitzer Prize winning columnist) argues that parents have their children involved in too many activities. The parents think they are preventing their children from getting into trouble and helping them develop (Quindlen 83); Quindlen thinks children are getting burnt out and their creativity is being stifled because they are involved in too many activities and they aren’t given enough time to play or simply relax. I agree with Quindlen that parents are not letting their children just be kids. She only half jokingly mentions how parents are worried that the wrong class selection in 1st grade might keep their child out of law school (Quindlen 83). My wife also stresses my…show more content…
I really don’t care if he gets is homework accomplished in 55 minutes instead of the suggested 40 minutes! I just want to make sure he does quality work and he is putting forth his best effort. My wife also wanted him take two week long workshops this summer; computer game programming and robotics. I am certain the nearly $600.00 spent on these workshops have totally transformed his life! On the other hand, I also disagree with Quindlen, first of all, she is a little schizophrenic. She starts off talking about how boring summer was when she was growing up (Quindlen 82). However, later on she mourns the summers she spent playing Wiffle Ball and stirring dirt with a stick (Quindlen 83)…Hunh? Also, she starts of talking about a lack of family down time (Quindlen 82); then she demeans parents for waiting in queues to get to the shore house or on the Space Mountain ride (Quindlen 84). Isn’t taking your family to the beach or amusement park an attempt to…I don’t

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