History 1301 Reflection

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At the start of the 2015-2016 school year I approached History 1301 with great trepidation. The upperclassmen I am familiar with constantly spoke of how rigorous the course was; however, now that I have spent 6 weeks in History 1301, I realize that the class itself is not hard, but rather, it requires preparation, thought, and dedication. In regards to the first 6 weeks, I feel I was well prepared for each class. I took notes in my journal for each video, primary source, and secondary source- which I can prove. Though I chose not to use APPARTS for some assignments, I took notes that helped me to analyze the text or video provided for me. I accessed the text and video resources through the modules in Canvas, which I consistently visit in order to prepare myself for class. I also utilize the inbox mail if I have a question and I can not contact the instructor thought text or face to face conversation. (Though when I needed help or clarification for an assignment, I regularly texted my instructor or asked questions in person.) Other Canvas resources, such as the grade book and the announcements…show more content…
I took two days planning my essay, one day ensuring my evidence behind each point was valid, and five hours writing and editing the actual essay. I am not very confident, so I was genuinely surprised to receive a 100. In contrast to my success, one assignment I struggled with was the final exam. I did not prepare myself enough, and my results proved it. I should have studied more and clarified any questions I had before I tested. Therefore, if I could redo any assignment, it would be the final exam so I could be prepared. I would study more and really work hard to earn a good score. In this course, I received a 98 and I feel I earned that grade. I worked hard to write academically, take good notes, and actively listen in class. I - hopefully- will continue to succeed in the remainder of History

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