Face Writing In College As An International Student Essay

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How ready are you to face writing in college as an international student? College and High school differ in many ways, requiring students to make significant transitions. One of the many thing that differs college graduates from high school graduates is writing. The writing course in college often incorporate challenging writing assignments that require students to think critically. Due to the difficulty that writing brings, many students have negative feelings toward writing assignments. Among these students are international students who, most of whom, English is their second or third language. These international students struggle with writing especially within their first year of college. Based on data collected at Calvin College by the English 100 class, over 80 percent of the 30 international students interviewed reported having difficulties with Grammar and vocabulary as part of their writing challenges. That is why, the goal of this paper is share some of these challenges with prospective international students and provide strategies that they could use to succeed in college. Succeeding in College, meaning, having a good grade point average, is a dream for any student, their parent, and the school. But, that…show more content…
The main one was revising. They specifically mentioned that their writing is not the best yet, but it is better compared to their first year writing at Calvin. John Doe described his experience as a “an exponential grow graph in math”. Meaning that he started very poor in writing, but he is now in the average range as junior, striving to get to the excellent level. This all could not be possible without him first, acknowledging that he needed help with his writing and second having the courage to make use of the resources that were available to him as well as asking peers to revise his

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