Carpe Diem Speech

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To be young is everyone’s dream, everyone wants to stay young forever, but unfortunately it is not possible. That is why the Romans came up with the phrase “Carpe Diem” which means “take advantage of the moment”. Ever since I heard it when I was 14, I knew I had to live by this phrase, I knew there was no alternative, I knew that I had only one shot at life and I had to live each moment like it was the last . No one likes being alone all the time, we all need company and we all like meeting people and learning new things. These are some of the best ways we can enjoy life and all that it throws at us. What better way to meet people than going abroad to study? I tell you, there is no better way. Why do I say that you might ask? Well it’s simple,…show more content…
We can change our state of mind simply by communicating with somebody. If we want the world to progress, we have to maintain communication at any cost and for that, it is essential to learn to speak foreign languages. As we know, the world is no longer the best, safest or kindest place to live in, but it is up to us to make it paradise again. To achieve that, we all need to be friends, and communicate with each other. As the late John Lennon sang about in “Imagine” or the late Freddie Mercury in “The Miracle” the time will come when the world would live as one and we could all be friends. The key to world peace is friendship, I have no doubt about that; and friendship can be achieved by simply saying “Hi” or “How do you do?” It is as simple as that and it can be done just by learning to speak a language. So, to sum it up, for me multilingual ability is all about opening paths, creating opportunities and expanding horizons. It is not a modern concept, it has been with us since so very long ago and it is here to stay. It keeps reaching us through teachers, friends, music, sports or movies and it is the way to
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