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When asked about one’s dreams, one may have different answers. But these days, teenagers like me will most likely answer without hesitation that their dream is to study abroad, and many of them have reached this goal as a result of their great effort. Their achievements have been published in online newspapers frequently and have never ceased to be an endless source of inspiration. I, like these teenagers, have dreamt of studying abroad for such a long time, and it has become a lifetime purpose that I am determined to fulfil. In my essay, I will illustrate my study-abroad desire as well as my effort and resolution to make my dream come true. My dream of studying abroad has been with me since I was in 5th Grade, which originated from a very…show more content…
In my academic life, I try my best to challenge myself by taking part in as many competitions as possible in order to improve my skills and show the admission staff that I always strive for the better, and my prizes are the results of my determination and hard work. Besides, whenever I do not understand fully the lesson in class, I will certainly review the lesson and read the lesson again in more details in extra materials so that I will remember it better. I also apply suitable study methods so as to acquire satisfactory results in my exams, hence improve my GPAs, as well as attach significance to intensive reading in order to improve my analytical thinking, vocabulary and reading and writing skills. However, there are many times in life when I encounter a lot of difficulties and failures. For example, there was an essay competition for Vietnamese students last year that I really wanted to win. Like other students, I wrote and sent my essay for the competition. As I spent a lot of time on perfecting my essay, I hoped I was capable of winning the prize. Unfortunately, I did not. It surprised me because I had tried so hard for it, and I failed. When I read my essay again that evening, it dawned on me that I might have some problems with my essay writing skill. Since then, I have found many methods to improve it. There are various…show more content…
On the way to my lifelong dream of studying abroad, there is no possibility of giving up. There is a quote from Sarah Ban Breathnach that I really love: “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.” To make my dream come true, I am resolute to be not only a good student in class but also an active person outside the school

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