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As far as I recall in my childhood days, my small community where I grew up have exposed and shaped my language literacy. Having to attend elementary and high school also has further shape my skill in communication, writing and reading that would help me when I immigrated to the United States. Moving to another country was a very hard and that I have to adapt to my new environment. As I attended High School here in the US I was put into an extensive English along the other students who just got into the county. To begin with, I was not very good in English, I always have the hardest time understanding every single lesson and homework, but my English one teacher have never gave up on me to teach everything that I need to know. ReNelle Rice shaped and helped me develop my literacy in English. It was my first day at my new school, alone, clueless, disoriented and bewildered; I had no idea anyone was saying. All I could do was to nod, answer yes or not to questions. In my English class, I felt shame and scared. I felt ashamed that I will answer question wrong and they would laugh at me. My teacher asked me to stay after class and we talked about my situation. She recommended me to stay 30 minutes more after the class and she will teach me and help me in English. My teacher and I meet after school and go through reading the book we are…show more content…
By then I develop the habit to read short stories and novel. I slowly gained my confidence to raise my hand and answer question and not going to be afraid and ashamed that I might be wrong. Everyday of my sophomore year I made a habit to write short paragraph and I would consult my teacher about it. She always mentions to me that I have very interesting ideas on my writing but lack organization and synchronicity. She gave me many techniques on how I can develop a single idea and build into it. I slowly continued to developed skills in writing that helped me write my essay back in high

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