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Previously, I have defined spirituality as having a connection or intimacy with the world, both in it and beyond it, past just the physical or material dimension. I also believe that this awareness of something other or greater than ourselves, influences our decisions and the way we live our lives. Sometimes, these moments of understanding and clarity come at a time when we are most confused and questioning decisions we have made about our careers, relationships, or finances. Occasionally, this understanding confirms that we are right in our decisions. Once in a while, we are enlightened about times we were wrong and we emerge with knowledge on ways we can improve. Both types of spiritual experiences are equally as important in learning about…show more content…
As one can imagine, for a 3 year old, the IV catheter and machines and monitors were all extremely overwhelming and terrifying. I remember asking my mom if I would die (of course there was no danger of that) because I was so scared. My dad came to visit me one day after work, having bought a teddy bear to bring to me. It was small enough to fit in the front pocket of his coat. He and the nurse came in and the nurse told me a story of how she and my dad had been searching for this special bear all day long and how they had finally managed to find him. She explained that he was a special bear with superpowers that would help me to feel better. I later learned the truth that the story was obviously made up to help me feel better, but I will never forget how reassured I felt afterwards. Ever since that happened, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said I wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to help other kids when they were sick just like that nurse helped me. Even as a small child, I found a purpose for my life that would grow and motivate several decisions I made as an adult, so that small experience even in itself was spiritual, but that is not where the story

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