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Gender Pay Gap In the United States women generally earn a less income than men earn. Many variables contribute to the pay gap between men and women. Some reasons include discrimination based on what the employer thinks the woman is capable of doing, the occupations women choose, and the needs of the woman’s family. On top of this women are often unaware they are being paid unjustly. To solve this, the government needs to create the National Equal Pay Enforcement Task Force to ensure companies no longer violate the Equal Pay Act of 1963. One of the main reasons for the gender pay gap is that women often leave their career temporarily when they have a child. Most families have more than one child, causing a mother to leave her career temporarily multiple times. A mother earns approximately 7 percent less per child (Holmes and Corley). The reason for this is that mothers have to get home earlier to take care of their children, do household chores, make dinner, and cater to other needs of her family. That is only if the mother even has time to…show more content…
Patten found in a survey from 2013 that women are two times more likely to be discriminated towards due to their sex. Employers are supposed to find who is best for the job, but does that mean they are allowed to discriminate based on gender? Employers look at physical characteristics of people interviewing for a job. Women are less likely to receive a job requiring more physical labor even though they are just as capable of completing the task as a man would be able to. Dixon explains that not everyone is sexiest on purpose, but sometimes they are biased without realizing it. An employer may hire a man over a women without thinking about why they choose who they did. The National Equal Pay Enforcement Task Force could create a form for employees to fill out prior to the interview allowing an employer to get an idea of the interviewee before seeing their physical

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