Gender Development In Myanmar

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Why is taking a gender perspective in development strategies important in Burma? The term "gender perspective" is an integral component of every aspect of the economic, social, daily and private lives of individuals and societies, and to the different roles ascribed by societies to men and women. Gender equality means rights and responsibilities do not have to depend on being male and female. Gender mainstreaming in development in Myanmar is very poor, thus women must be empowered, equated and lifted up as they are needed in the workplaces. Moreover, the responsibilities between men and women are not balanced, therefore they need to be shared, the payment should be fair, the treatment must be equal, and gender participative decision- making…show more content…
For this reason, women inequality in Myanmar is one of the issues. To meet gender equal state in Myanmar, more skilled and stronger women in politics in organizations are needed (Harridan, 2012, p. 20). What is more, Flood (2007, p. 2) stated that "to achieve gender equality, the men’s attitudes and behaviors must change. The men often play a crucial role as “gatekeepers” of the current gender order through their responsibilities as decision-makers and leaders within their families, communities and organizations." Mainly, women's participation in the workplaces, such as army, government is still limited (Allendorf & Allendorf, 2013, p.…show more content…
It is very essential for women to understand the importance of the delivering birth in the hospital. In the past, women did not know about it, therefore they were afraid or feeling shy to go to the clinic or hospital for giving birth. For example, my oldest sister, she has faced reproductive health issues, but she is shy to explain to the doctor. When she was asked, she refused. The doctor had to give an understanding and knowledge of her many times so that she would not feel shy anymore. After she was acknowledged, she felt more comfortable to explain her problem. Usually the women are unwilling for giving birth in the hospital because they do not have money to pay the cost for the services (Maung & Macrae, 1998). However, after having children, they got more knowledge, and also it did not cost much for this service (Sheehy, Aung, Foster, 2016). Consequently, distributing knowledge to the women on the ground level is the key for the health workers that is why maternal health workers must be trained so that they can be able to do services for the basic health care (Callister, PAAK, 2012). It is needed for the health workers to be skilful and qualified before going to the fields to share the information to the local

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