Michael Kimmel's Masculinity As Homophobia

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t my attention was in Part One, Michael Kimmel's “Masculinity as Homophobia”. In his essay he talks about man’s effort to constantly be vigilant against the encroaching of his manliness, he becomes the slave to the whims of his own foolishness on a day-to-day basis from the way he talks, walks, dresses and even eats. This behavior translates into a misconstrued sense of power that dictates his actions over women and other men. Furthermore, this translates into racism, sexism, classism, and ageism. Power becomes the scapegoat on which to construct a sense of security to compensate for man’s insecurity within: his feeling of powerlessness. Men become the victims of an “oppressive male socialization”. He goes to say “Homophobia is the fear that other men will…show more content…
All I can remember is that their clothes we cheap and over priced, but if your parents could afford to buy you clothes from there, you were instantly cool. For many years, I heard rumors about the companies hiring practices such as they only hire “pretty people”. Looking back on it now, all of Abercrombie's store associates we called “models”, and these models were always Caucasian, white, girls with long straight or wavy hair, and then males were tall Caucasian and looked as though they worked out everyday. Over the years Beachcomber has been involved in many different lawsuits against discrimination. In part four of the text, there is an article titled “Abercrombie Settles Class-Action Suit”, it talks about the 2004 lawsuit against the company. “In 2004 a lawsuit was filed against the company and they were required to pay $40 million to Latino, African American, Asian American and women applicants who and employees with charged the company with discrimination. The settlement also requires Abercrombie and Fitch to institute polices and programs to promote diversity in its workforce and to prevent discrimination based on race or gender”

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