What Is Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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During the 1930’s, racism was stronger than ever in the South. Caucasians were treated with ore respect and was surrounded with more luxury than the African- Americans. Racism and discrimination influences people to act differently towards each other and to treat each other differently based on their skin color and social status. Harper Lee’s ‘How To Kill A Mockingbird’ portrays a society that is filled with racism, discrimination, prejudice, justice, and lack of human rights, but mainly racism. No matter the skin color or social status, people should treat each other equally. The African- Americans were treated with absolutley no respect from the Caucasians. The Caucasians did not want to accept the fact that African-Americans were the same as them. They are all human, but yet they do not act like one. They abuse, kille, and hurt each other. Why? Because they do not believe in equality. They showed no signs of regards for equality. Everyone should be treated…show more content…
African- Americans were harassed, beaten, and killed on a daily basis with no particular reason other than that they had different colored skin. They could not vote or express their opinions, and when they did, no one would listen to them. Those who took the risk and voted were hanged or killed. African- Americans were different and Caucasians didn’t want to accept that. An African- American gold medalist, Jesse Owens, was racially discriminated during the 1936 Olympics. After winning multiple gold medals, Hitler refused to shake his hand because he was African- American. Another famous racial case was the Scottsboro Case in 1931, when nine African- Americans were arrested by the police for allegedly raping two Caucasian women. Although there was no evidence whatsoever, 8 of them were sentenced to death. This case especially shows the lack of human rights around the
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