Reflective Essay On LGBT Community

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When it comes to the issue of my campus implementing policies that are discriminatory towards my community it is difficult to come at it with a spirit of hope, kindness, and love. In thinking of what this means to myself and other students my heart breaks because this is not representative of the Lord I serve. ACU, next semester, will be putting a rule in the handbook stating that those in same-sex relationships will not be eligible for certain student employee roles. There are many thoughts going through my head so I will attempt to keep this as organized as possible. Also, there is a forum at Hart Auditorium on Tuesday, March 27 at 1:30 to 2:30 and 3-4 that I hope my fellow allies will attend. When I first heard of this news I will admit I was angry. I felt betrayed by the school that I have defended for my two years here. I have argued with many who have stated ACU is not welcoming towards the LGBT community and affirmed that as a bisexual student who attends here that I have felt welcomed and have loved it here. However, in…show more content…
These are all aspects that affect an entire community, and thus should be evaluated as right or wrong and as stated before; we have accepted that they are now wrong in the 21st century. BUT when it comes to the subject that is literally NO ONES business and does not affect anybody else except two consenting adults we are going to say The Bible is still right and applicable. I call bull. This is simply an example of using The Bible when it’s merely convenient, and if that is the way it is going to be then claiming to follow a “Biblical Model” is simply untrue. You cannot follow only “part” of a model. You either follow the model in its entirety or trash it. I recommend trashing it, but if not, follow the whole damn

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