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The need to address the concerns of gender gap has been well made known since the United Nation’s Women’s conferences taken places round the world with nation states promoted their agendas (UN Women).their statistic has shown that women and girls are the most vulnerable with regard to the distribution of resources from health education and, economic activities. This essay will seek to address these major gaps in Iran and what is the Islamic republic doing to narrow these gender gaps. The role played by women and men, in the Iranian institutions has leads to serious consequences such as underdevelopment, poverty, hunger, disease, and an increase in the widening of the gender gap. the behavioral patterns of women. Has been forces on the women mostly inherited from ancient Arabic culture of how the prophet Mohamed wives had their lives their style and dressing.…show more content…
Iran is categorized with sections and the Islamic revolution is oppressive to women. There are oppressing actions such as gender separation in public places even in holy places. Women are forced with dress codes such as the Hijab scarf in all public places ,unfortunately this culture is applied to all foreign women who visit Iran in Islamic sharia law this segregation is inhumanely exercised a woman is not fully recognized. She is seen from the filter of a man positional subconscious thinker. She is not seen as a full human before sharia law (Bahramitash, 2003.islamisation and women in Iran) in sharia courts, a woman is not well-thought-out as a full person but a tool to satisfy men given by God (Bahrmitash2003). In most cases a woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s and in some cases a woman’s testimony is not accepted at all.

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