The Pros And Cons Of Feminism

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Although there are many different variations to the ideology of feminism, certain factors remain constant throughout, especially the specific idea that men and women should be essentially equal on all grounds. More often than not, the epicenter of the efforts behind these ideas tends to push equality through a female agenda, hence the word itself: “Feminism.” This is perhaps best exemplified by three feminist movements. This would include “First wave” feminism, which primarily involved voting rights, “Second wave” feminism, which sought to free women of sexual objectivity, and the newest, “Third Wave” feminism, which, to this day, promotes the upheaval of common gender ideals. First wave feminism is perhaps best demonstrated by women who had strong (and controversial) ideas about the powers that women should have politically and rightfully as human beings, especially when it came to voting rights. Elizabeth Cady Stanton is a primary example of this. With her powerful intellect, she published her “Declaration of Sentiments,” in 1848, which, to this day, is revered by many modern third wave feminists. Unfortunately,…show more content…
Over the years, the idea of feminism has always been controversial, and there are several reasons why. The first possibility of the consternation is perhaps the fact that the methods used by feminists in the past have sometimes been considered extreme. Even in the first wave of feminism, an early protest by the National Woman’s Party organized by Alice Paul involved picketing Wartime President Woodrow Wilson. In other words, members of the National Woman’s Party lined up outside the White House, signs in hand, and refused to move until the liberties they felt they deserved were given to them. This was met with much harsh criticism from the general public, due largely to the fact that the protest was taking place in the midst of the first World

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