Gender Inequality In Singapore

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Although Singapore is ranked amongst the world’s most unequal countries by the GINI Coefficient, one has to understand that the way Singapore measures her coefficient is unconventional compared to other countries. In this essay, inequality is discussed in terms of gender, racial and religious inequality in the workplace, education as well as their political freedom. An issue of concern is an important topic of discussion that could affect people if it is not dealt with properly. However, this essay seeks to argue that inequality is not an issue of concern in Singapore, because of measures that have been put in place to ensure that inequality has been kept to a minimum. The education system in Singapore ensures that all students have equal…show more content…
Yet until this day, companies prefer males to lead as they find assurance in a physically formidable leader, as cited from a study by psychologist Gregg Murray. As of 2015, women make up just over 8% of management boards in Singapore. Even in Singapore’s political sector, her parliament consists of 94 male ministers versus 6 female and the country is in 128th place in terms of the share of women in ministerial positions in 2014. Singapore has yet to have a female head of state, as her past and current leaders have all been male. Therefore, inequality is still present in Singapore, and the issue around gender inequality in the workplace has to be addressed in order to ensure all Singaporeans, regardless of gender, are not disadvantaged by the nature of their…show more content…
The Ministry of Manpower has a Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices which encourages employees to employ fairly and based on merit, not gender or race. Hence, employers are highly encouraged to abide by the guiding principles to practice equality, such as hiring employees based solely on merit as well as promoting, rewarding and giving them opportunities for further development by their potential and contribution to the company. Thus, with such measures put in place, inequality is not yet an issue of concern, but Singaporeans should still try to curb the inequality present in her society before the situation

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